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Benefits of Funding Your Clients Healthcare

If you have a client that is the victim of an accident and is unable to receive medical care due to lack of Health Insurance coverage of any kind, WE CAN HELP!! As medical lien funding specialists, we make it easy for physicians and healthcare facilities to accept LOP/ lien patients. Your client should not forgo medical treatment just because there is no viable insurance. AR Claims, LLC understands this need so we create a funding network designed to assist your client in getting access to the much needed care, by paying the healthcare providers directly for the treatment or surgery at the point of service. For almost two decades, our founders have worked the front lines in both the medical and legal fields, specializing in personal injury.

Top Quality Healthcare

Medical Funding Consultants, LLC can offer your injured clients access to top-quality health care with usually no out-of-pocket expense. With your help, we evaluate your client’s case and qualify your client for funding.


Summary of Benefits

*Ability to facilitate critical healthcare for your client
*Treatment and surgical procedures greatly increase case value
*Keep medical providers you work with happy because they can be paid timely and effortlessly for their services
*Increase access to medical providers in almost any specialty in any state
*Quick underwriting process which allows your client the necessary medical care
*All bills become past medical expenses
**Our Medical Funding Consulting services are FREE to you and your client

Risk Free, Highest Reimbursements, Prompt Payments.