AR Claims | Health Care Providers
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Health Care Providers


Patient & Healthcare Industry Benefits

Because of the uncertainty with LOP/lien type cases many providers turn away personal injury victims. However, by turning away this business, you are forgoing an incredible influx of cash flow back to your facility. But, now through our funding network, we eliminate the financial risk for our providers. In essence, you get paid for your services once these services have been performed, GUARANTEED! Physician groups, clinics, rehabilitation centers, diagnostic imaging centers, and hospitals no longer have to turn away patients for financial reasons. Funding is offered without recourse, so even if the patient loses the claim, the provider nor the patient pay anything. Not only do we eliminate the financial risk, AR Claims, LLC services are FREE to our health care providers.

Free Your Resources

As part of our ongoing services, our funding network will buy a portfolio of cases which you may have on hand. This service alone can free up literally hundreds of thousands of dollars that can be used for any purpose you desire.


Highest Rate of Reimbursement

AR Claims, LLC has established a financial network with some of the largest and financially stable, private and publicly traded, funding companies across the United States. Our network of funding companies specialize in providing funding to accident victims in need of medical care related to a legal clam. Our company’s goal as a consulting group, is to facilitate the highest possible rate of reimbursement for our health care providers; unlike most traditional funding groups which operate by reimbursing the lowest rate possible.

A Summary of  our Client Benefits

*Immediately convert existing liens to cash
*Immediately reduce administrative costs
*Reimbursements higher than managed care or government programs
*Expand your patient base and increase revenue
*Eliminate the need for Letters of Protection
*Eliminate employee time in collections and tracking
*GUARANTEED, risk free, high reimbursement, prompt payment for your services
*Absolutely no minimum required volumes or maximum billing amounts
**Our Medical Funding Consulting services are FREE to our providers


Risk Free, Highest Reimbursements, Prompt Payments.